"Wow what a fantastic experience.  They answered the phone the first time I called.  (Didn't have to leave a message like another company who took hrs to call back)  Leonard was very professional and took his time to answer any questions I had.  Said he would return in two weeks and he did....on time...no waiting.  The ant problem is taken care of!  I'm new to the area and this is a company I would recommend to any family.  Thanks Leonard.....Blue Skies Barb"

Barb C. - Hutto - 01/20/2015

"I got this referral from Facebook so initially I was a little skeptical however, they eased my worries very quickly! These guys were amazing and did a wonderful job. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and willingness to go ten steps above.  They were very nice and made me feel very comfortable spending not only my money but my time with them! I will definitely use them again and will sing their praises whenever I get a chance! Great job Hutto Pest!!!!"

Monique C. - Round Rock

"I highly recommend this company.  I called to inquire about setting up service and was a bit skeptical based on conversations I had with other companies.  After speaking with them I felt totally at ease.  I scheduled my service for the next day. They arrived on time and were very professional and courteous.  I am glad I called and even more glad that I signed a one year contract."

Steph A. - Hutto

"Very friendly and very prompt. Reasonably priced with service that's phenomenal!! They go above and beyond to satisfy your needs. I would recommend them to anyone and will continue to use them for all my future needs."

Anette A.  - Austin

"I highly recommend this company. He is extremely professional, charges reasonable rates, and will come out anytime you have a problem at no extra cost. Plus hes super nice and cool."


Melissa H.  - Austin

"Scratching noises in the attic are never a good sign. After hearing them, I called Hutto Pest Services based on their reviews. They came out, examined the attic, and determined that rats were the problem. They quoted a very reasonable price to get rid of the rats and another reasonable price to seal all of the entry holes to the attic.  They came to my home a total of eight times over about three weeks to unload and re-load traps, and then to seal the attic.
I cannot say enough good things about their service, knowledge, price, and attitude. It is a family business, father and son (conveniently, Leonard and Leonard). Sometimes both came, other times one or the other. They were always polite and efficient, and explained exactly what they were doing and why. I will call Hutto Pest Services if I have any other pest problems and recommend them without reservation. Their trucks are also very cool!"

Brad F.

"This is the first pest service I've ever used and they are absolutely great!  Its a family run business and they know how to provide great customer service!  Their product definitely seems to work because I have noticed a huge difference in the insect population around the house.  I missed scheduling my quarterly visit by about a week or 2 and instantly notice the bugs coming back.  Everything they use is all non toxic and doesn't harm your lawn.  Leonard Jr. came out last time and actually rescued a baby rabbit that was stuck in my yard.  Before setting it free, he came to the door to see if my 7 yr old daughter wanted to "pet a bunny" as he put it.  To see him take an extra 5 mins on his last stop of the day on his way home, to bring joy to my daughter that wasn't necessary at all, is the little things that most companies I come across now and days don't possess.  I have nothing bad to say about this company, price is very fair, service is amazing!  Use them and you will be very happy."

Terry W - Austin - 05/16/2014

"A couple of years ago a flipper recommended a chain pest control service to me so I had them out for an estimate.  Their quote was insane and I wasn't impressed at all.  This time I called out Hutto Pest Service, a family business, and what a good experience.  They came right out, were so nice, thorough, very reasonable priced, didn't try to oversell or scare me into expensive services, explained what they were doing, sealed my roof openings - I have to give them all five stars.  I am so happy that I used them and highly recommend them.  I have passed on their information to my realtor as she gets many requests for service referrals.  Please be aware that there seems to be more than one service with similar names so use the one with the S Mays St address in RR."

Liz N. - Round Rock - 09/19/2014

"I've had Hutto Pest since I moved to Round Rock 2 years ago.  They are a family business and have excellent customer service.  I moved to a new home and decided to continue their service there as well.  They would even come between quarterly services to knock down wasps nests.  They are also very good identifying insects even though my descriptions are not that great.  We had issues with some sugar ants and those are hard to get rid of, but they took the time and got rid of them."


Alexandra G. - Round Rock - 07/08/2014

"We have been using Hutto Pest since the beginning of the year.  We had called around before making our decision and we're so happy we went with them.  Leonard and Leonard Jr. have been beyond helpful when taking care of our home.  We called them out for something that we thought was a mite problem and they could have easily treated the non-issue and we wouldn't have known better.  Instead, he was honest and told us that we didn't have an issue at all.  Moving from NY to Texas has been eye opening as far as bugs and ants, but we don't worry anymore now that we have their quarterly service.  I wouldn't think twice about using them for any pest issues."

Carleen P. - Hutto - 10/08/2014


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